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3 Effective Ways to Invest in your Photography Business

When it comes to photographers and the word investiment, we immediatly think about gear. What camera or lens to buy, is it worth to upgrade it or not, Nikon or Canon, and things like that. But that’s not what I’m gonna talk about.

I wanna talk about all the other things we have been doing in the past 6 months to grow our business that have been incredible investiments, and they have nothing to do with gear.

1.       Online Classes

When I say online classes I don’t mean watching videos on YouTube (although there are some pretty awesome people out on there sharing amazing advice and knowledge through that platform). I mean two words, Creative Live. If you’ve never heard of this website please go take a look at it. is a community of over 650 instructors, leaders and legendary entrepreneurs. This website contains classes on every subject you can think of that’s related to running your own business. I’ve watched classes on marketing, SEO, Instagram and Facebook ads, contract writting and etc. If you catch the classes live, they’re free, and if not, you can purchase them and have access to it anytime.

Stephan and I decided a few months ago to get the “Creator Pass” and it was one of the best things we did! For $300 you have access at anytime to all of their classes for a whole year. Trust me, $300 is nothing when it comes to the level of the instructors and the amount of information that they offer.

2.       Workshops

It was through Creative Live that we found Roberto Valenzuela, a professional wedding photographer sponsored by Canon USA and, above all, an amazing teacher and person.

Stephan was feeling a little down about photography and the whole industry, and I knew he needed some kind of inspiration to lift him up again. We both watched Roberto’s online classes and loved it. After that Stephan bought 3 of his books on Amazon and he had been reading and obsessing over them every morning.

I quickly decided that that’s what my husband needed, an experience, and to learn from the best. I purchased a spot on Roberto’s Perfect Posing Workshop in LA and gave it to Stephan as his birthday gift. He was so happy and at the last day of that workshop he booked himself a spot at the Picture Perfect Lighting Workshop in Tucson, AZ!

I’ve been editing my husband’s pictures, and after those two workshops there was a massive change. Not just the pictures kept getting better and better, but I saw his motivation and the desire to shoot back again in full force!


3.       Connecting With People

Even though you won’t be spending money in this case, you’ll be investing your time. Time to get to know people in your industry, to truly connect with them. To learn about their story, why they do what they do and how you can relate to each other.

At the beggining we were afraid of randomly messaging people and asking them out for a coffee, but once we started doing that we realized it was one of the best things we could do! Time is really precious when you run your own business, and we have yet to think we wasted ours by sitting down and having a nice meaningful conversation with someone.

If you would like see some of the beautiful pictures Stephan got at the Tucson Workshop and read more about it, click here.

If you have any questions about how to invest in yourself and your business, or if you just wanna chat over a cup of coffee, don’t hesitate to ask, just contact us!