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Tips for your Engagement Session at Taft Point

We absolutely love Yosemite and that’s no secret. I’ll go as far as saying that being close to the most amazing Valley on earth is one of the best things about living in Fresno.

We love shooting couples around the Valley, with Yosemite Falls or El Cap as the background or just any little corner of that place, really. But there is a reason why Taft Point is so popular, that spot is just to another level!

But there are certain things you should know before planning a shoot there. So here are some tips to help your engagement session go smoothly.

  • The hike is about one mile long and it can be done in 25 minutes. But take your time, leave nearly an hour for the walk. Don’t rush straight to the spot, there is so much opportunity for photos during the hike.

  • Arrive there about 45 minutes to 1 hour before sunset, give yourself time to explore other photo options, don’t focus just on the famous shot!

  • Make sure your couples are safe, there is absolutely no need to stand right at the edge of the cliff for the picture to be epic.

  • Direct them clearly before they head on to the spot, make sure they know the poses and keep them simple. Remember, you’ll be shooting them from really far away and it’s not so nice to keep shouting.

  • Makeup arm and hand signals that mean “next pose” or “we’re done” for example, so they’re not standing there wondering what’s happening.

  • Bring flashlights/headlamps for the walk back, you’ll need it.

  • Try to shoot on a weekday, it’s so much better! We went on a Tuesday and we were the only photographers there.

  • If you can’t go on a weekday and it is crowded, respect each other. There is plenty of time for all the photographers to get the famous shot.

  • Be prepared to leave Yosemite at night, make sure your couple is aware of that and comfortable driving winding roads in the dark.

Check out some more photos from this lovely shoot! These are seriously proof that you should make a trip to Yosemite at least once in your lifetime!

Briana & Michael , 2019

Thinking of having Yosemite as the background for your engagement photos? We would love to come along!

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Yosemite holds a special place in our hearts, and going there never gets old. We are really spoiled for living so close to one of the most amazing Valleys on Earth. We would love to take you there!

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