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What it Takes to be a Photographer's Wife

When Stephan and I started dating, I’m gonna be honest, I did not know what I was getting myself into. I knew he was slightly obsessed with photography and I knew he liked to travel more than anyone I’ve ever met on tour, no matter how tired he was from the shows. But I didn’t know that dating this man came with so many 3 and 4 AM wake up calls to either catch a plane, a bus or a sunrise. I didn’t know it meant planning your whole day around golden hour, blue hour or milky way rising times.

3:45 AM wake up call to see the fisherman in Myanmar + sightseeing in my pajamas because I was too tired to change into normal clothes.

A few months into this relationship and guess what? I was loving it. I was more tired than ever and it was pretty hard to keep up with him and all the places he wanted to go, but I also couldn’t wait to brainstorm around our next destinations.

Being a photographer’s girlfriend/wife means you have to be patient. You will stay at a place later than most tourists, get home late and probably not eat dinner at a normal time. You’ll wake up so early and skip breakfast to catch a sunrise that might not even happen. You’ll be tired. But you’ll have so many experiences and stories to tell.

Catching the sunrise at Nugget Point Lighthouse in New Zealand, cold and looking tired but so happy!

On our last trip to Big Sur, which we did specifically for the purpose of getting sunset and milky way pictures, we met an awesome couple at Macway Falls. Maxim is from Haiti and an awesome photographer, his wife Ashley is from California and they have a sweet 6 month old baby. We got chairs, blankets and snacks from our cars and sat there overlooking the falls and chatting for hours starring at the sky as the stars got brighter and brighter and the milky way started to appear.

Ashley and I got to talking about how being a photographer’s wife forces you to do things that are out of your comfort zone. Would we be in a nice and warm hotel room if we weren’t there waiting for our husbands? Maybe. But then we wouldn’t be able to say we experienced seeing the stars rise above such an iconic landscape. Just like every other experience I’ve had because of Stephan’s passion!

So if you’re a landscape photographer’s girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife you’re not alone! And maybe you get tired of just waiting around and decide to get into photography as well and you find that it’s something you really love and you end up working with your husband and spending 24/7 thinking about lighting and composition then well... welcome to the club!

Watching the sunrise for the 65th time in New Zealand, everyday was a 5 AM wake up call. Worth it.