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South Lake Tahoe Proposal & Engagement Session

I don’t know how, but California seriously continues to impress me. I’ve moved here a year ago and it seems like there is an infinite amount of things to do and see. When Tanner reached out to me about proposing to his girlfriend at Lake Tahoe I couldn’t be more excited. Stephan had been there before but I hadn’t, and we’ve been talking about making a trip there for a while but, you know, life.

We woke up around 6 am, made tons of coffee and started our drive to South Lake Tahoe. We got there just in time for a picnic in front of the lake and to head up to the proposal spot. Tanner and Hannah were coming all the way from Chicago and he wanted to propose at the Observation Deck because he knew she really wanted to go up the Gondola. He figured it would probably have an amazing view and be perfect for the big moment. But just a little detail: none of us had been up there before.

So Stephan and I went up an hour before and found out right away that the deck did have a gorgeous view, but it was crowded and not intimate at all. So we continued to walk and found a little hiking path just below the deck that was gold. Empty, quiet and with basically the same views from the deck.

I texted Tanner the directions to the spot and pictures of it and he loved it! We captured their sweet proposal, full of laughter and smiles, and then did an engagement session right after. I have to say, there is really nothing like taking pictures after a proposal. I mean, they had just got engaged, were so genuinely happy and plus, it was their first day of their vacation in Lake Tahoe, and also first time seeing the mountains! The joy was real, and it shows in the photos.

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Trevor & Layne – Yosemite Marriage Proposal


This was the first proposal I’ve ever shot, and it was not planned at all! We were taking our friends from the Disney On Ice show that was in town around Yosemite, and shooting photos all day long. It was eitgh of us, four couples, so it kind turned into a couples portrait mini workshop as we explored the main sights of the park!

We were taking a coffee break when my friend Jacob, who is also a photographer, got a message from his buddy asking if he had his camera with him at the park. I mean, what a question right? Turned out he was driving from Fresno and was going to propose to his girlfriend! He wanted to know if we could take some pictures of the moment and wanted help picking a good spot in the Valley that was beautiful and not so crowded, since he had never been there before.

Jacob and I obviously said yes to the picture taking and I suggested Valley View, one of my favorite spots at the park! The four of us drove there and met them and Layne had absolutely no idea. She looked at us and said “oh hey guys, funny meeting you here!” Yeah, sure, such a coincidence... they started walking to a quieter area and Jacob and I followed them trying to be discret (it wasn’t easy). Jacob’s girlfriend and my wife stayed behind and watched from far away, as they were too excited and said they would probably ruin the moment!

Trevor gave us a thumbs up from his back and went down on his knees. Layne’s face was priceless and she said yes! After Layne’s hands stopped shaking we took some pictures of them at Valley View and then drove to Swinging Bridge for more photos. They were so genuinely happy that it was impossible to take a bad picture! Without planning too much, Trevor and Layne had not one, but two professional photographers capturing such an important moment of their lives at Yosemite National Park, one of my favorite places in the world, and now probably theirs too. It was such an amazing end to a day that was already great.