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The Coolest Proposal Ever!

Jeff had been planning this for a while, nearly a full year. Based on one of their favorite movies, 500 Days of Summer, he organized this awesome Flash Mob to propose to his girlfriend Lana! He got around 100 people involved, researched and rehearsed over and over again.

I mean, let’s talk about dedication here. Everything was planned so she wouldn’t have any idea at all. He told her he would be out of town, took a picture at the Fresno Airport with his buddies and posted on Social Media. A friend of his also photoshopped a picture of him at the Denver Airport and posted it as well! How awesome?

She thought it was a normal Saturday, going to the movies with her friends while her boyfriend was on a trip. Little did she know that she was about to be part of the most amazing proposal ever and that she was gonna get asked the big question!

We were so honored to document this special day, check out our video!