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How Figure Skating Changed our Lives

Life is crazy, isn’t it? I think that to myself nearly every day when I analyze our lives. I got in a black hole of thoughts the other day wondering how someone from Brazil ended up living in Fresno, California, married and developing a business with my husband that I never thought I would even be apart of.

After tracking back through images in my head I realized that there has been one thing, literally one thing, that changed my life forever. And that thing was figure skating. When I first started skating I was really afraid of everything. Afraid of falling, of speed, of getting out of my comfort zone. As the years went by it was easy to realize that in skating (just like in life), if you don’t fall, you simply don’t learn. And it might hurt sometimes, believe me, it did, but that’s the only way you grow and get better.

Figure skating was my obsession and all I wanted was to work with it. But being from Brazil, where our ice rink is barely an ice rink and skating isn’t so popular, that seemed almost impossible. I said almost.

In 2012 I joined tour and started traveling the world with Disney On Ice, and that changed my life in so many ways. I always knew I was passionate about skating and performing. What I didn’t know was that I was also about to fall in love hard with traveling. I remember when I was 16 years old my mom would always ask me if I had any interest in studying abroad and I would always say no. My travel bug was dormant.

Then, I started dating Stephan and his travel bug was literally on steroids!!! We had to do and see as much as we could all the time. I’ll tell you, I was so exhausted but so happy.

I wouldn’t have met him if it wasn’t for figure skating. And the same goes for him. If he didn’t randomly start skating at the age of 12, an age where most of the boys are playing soccer, American football or hockey, he would never have met me. Maybe he wouldn’t have traveled the world even, who knows?

I guess my point here is, everything happens for a reason. We definitely wouldn’t be the people we are now if it wasn’t for this beautiful sport. Husband and wife, best friends, skating and business partners, travel buddies, and just two people with an immense desire to live. Our happiness formula is pretty simple: doing something we love and making time for traveling.

CLICK HERE to see our full video skating together in Brazil last year.

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How We Fell In Love With Myanmar

Balloons Over Bagan - one of the best experiences we’ve had in life was to watch baloons fly over 2,000 temples while the sun was rising.

Balloons Over Bagan - one of the best experiences we’ve had in life was to watch baloons fly over 2,000 temples while the sun was rising.

Myanmar, a country that was never in my radar of places to go. Never on my list, top five or even top ten. But Stephan, like always, convinced me we had to travel there. Sometimes when he has an idea, I’m not gonna lie, I’m not so sure about it. But then I usually get on board at some point because he has proven to be the best world explorer and travel buddy I could have asked for!

So anyways, Myanmar... where to even start? We headed there after a busy week of shows in Bangkok, both had been pretty sick and both were beyond exhausted. The thought of getting on a plane early in the morning and landing in a country we had no idea about wasn’t very appealing honestly. But since we always push each other, we did it.

We woke up at the crack of dawn, flew to Mandalay and took a shuttle to Bagan. A shuttle that by the way, we had booked online but had no confirmation email and no clue if the driver was actually gonna show up. Well, he did, and he was the nicest guy. He helped us get sim cards at the airport and drove us all the way to Bagan, our first stop in this country that was about to become one of our favorites.

Over the next ten days, we learned so much about their culture, saw so many beautiful things and ate the most amazing food. We rode our scooter through the 2,000 temples in Bagan, spent days on a boat exploring Inle Lake, woke up way too early to catch all of the sunrises and had a blast. I can’t even imagine how much regret we would have felt if we had cancelled the trip just because we were overtired and sick.

By pushing ourselves we learned, once again, to never let doubt or fear of being uncomfortable to stop you from doing something, from going to a new place. The rewards that come from getting out of your comfort zone are huge.

I'm not usually one for quotes and all but this one has been leading our lives for a while:

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer
— unknown