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Who gets married on a Tuesday?

So Stephan and I only had about 3 months to plan our wedding and for 2 of them we would be on tour, working in Australia in New Zealand. I gotta give a lot of credit to my husband on this one, because he managed to find and secure our venue and our photographer within two weeks, just before we flew back to work. I was at home back then, in Brazil, so honestly, I wasn’t any help.

Nov. 6th, 2018

Nov. 6th, 2018

How did he do that? Well, we were getting married on a Tuesday, so here’s a good tip for you, if you can, get married on a week day. Most of our friends and family were coming from out of town, out of country and out of the continent, which meant 90% of our guests had to take a least a week off to come to our wedding anyway! We didn’t have any problems booking our vendors because everyone was available, but we did get that question everytime... “but who gets married on a Tuesday?”

From then the only task left for when we would be working from across the globe was to send out the invitations. Easy. Email. We designed our invitation through a website and just sent it all out within maybe 2 hours, so nice.

I’m not gonna lie, we did not put much thought into details, we set our priorities from the beggining and we agreed on one thing: all we wanted was to have fun, to enjoy the presence of our guests, who made such effort to be there for us, some people traveling for two days even. After we said I do, our people were our priority.

That Tuesday rolled around, we had the most beautiful day at Villa Nascosta, an awesome venue that we were lucky to find, and just like that we got married.

Your wedding day goes by so fast so try to be present, enjoy every little moment and know that nothing is big enough that’s worth getting you stressed out for. Little problems will come, your friends might set the table on fire accidentally (yep, still love them though), but after all, that day should be about love and nothing else.

This post was intended at first to be a little help on how to plan your wedding quick and without stressing. But then I realized I’m not really good at advices and that I only have two tips really.. get a pizza truck for your wedding day and get married on a Tuesday.

How we flew to Brazil to do ice shows just 2 weeks before our wedding...

Stephan and I had both been skaters for most of our lives. During our show career we both did pair skating as well, but we had never skated with each other before. When an opportunity to do an ice an ice show together in Brazil appeared we didn’t think twice. I moved from Rio to California and we had exactly 10 days to practice before we had to fly to Porto Alegre.

Well, we skated our hearts out for those days, put together two numbers, flew from Fresno to Porto Alegre, had a day and a half of rehearsals, did 6 shows, ran a 3 hour workshop with lots of brazilian skaters, and flew back to Fresno all within 8 days. By the time we were back we had about two weeks till our wedding... Can you tell we like when life is unpredictable?

Check out the video bellow to see a little bit of our time there!

Photos by Isa Bortholaci

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