Real Talk, Change is Hard.

This week marks for us a whole year since we’ve been off tour. For those who don’t know, Stephan and I were professional skaters with Disney On Ice for 6 years for me, and 11 years for him. On August 11th, 2018 we finished the last show of our careers. It was pretty heartbreaking. The famous English word “bittersweet” finally made sense to me.

Being ready to get off tour didn’t mean it was gonna be easy and we knew that. You get used to a lifestyle like no other. You’re traveling for most of the year, packing and unpacking, going to a different city or country every week, listening to different languages, being around all kinds of cultures. Your job is to perform at 100% level energy for thousands of people in crazy cool arenas. Amazing right? But like most jobs in life, you get burned out. We were ready to get married, settle, have a place of our own and try to find a new career in which we would find passion again. But, like I said, being ready for it didn’t mean it was gonna be easy.

In the last six months of 2018, we got engaged and performed one last time with Disney. I packed all of my things into two suitcases and moved from Rio to Fresno. We skated together for the first time, flew to Brazil to do ice shows as a pair team and flew back just in time for our wedding. We got married and shortly after decided to start our own business. Stephan was diving into photography more than ever while I was trying to learn as much as I could about marketing. All of that while we were in the middle of all the paperwork for the green card.

Sounds exhausting? It was. Change is hard and that’s why most people don’t do it. Most people enjoy the comfort zone and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But that’s just not who we are. We could feel the need for a new adventure.

So this week marks a year since our lives started to change in all directions. I would like to say that a year later we figured it all out and we have it together, but we don’t. It’s so easy to get anxious and compare yourself to others, your business to other people’s businesses but it isn’t healthy, or useful. You gotta put in the hard work and trust the timing of your own life, and that’s what all we’re trying to do.

We’ve had so many ups and downs but at the end of the day, we’re always happy to cook dinner in our own kitchen, something we could never really do on tour, in a hotel room. We have a place we call home and we have each other. We have two things we’re passionate about and we’re working so hard on them, together.

Today we are also flying to Brazil. Today we get on a plane to Rio just to capture a very special elopement. After a year away from home, I get to see my family and friends. And maybe if we had it all figure it out and had “normal jobs” we wouldn’t be able to do this. So today I’m grateful that we don’t really know what we’re doing. I’m grateful that life can always be an adventure when you see it that way. I’m grateful for not knowing what’s ahead of us and grateful for having someone to share all this uncertainty and struggle with.